TWD Rewind: Chocolate Pudding

Sorry for the late Tuesday post & for a short recap!

I originally made the chocolate pudding back in July with disastrous results for my 7 cup food processor. The very last step- where you pour all the liquid back into the processor for a final pulse killed it. Too much liquid & it poured out all over the machine. So I promptly purchased a 14 cup machine determined to let that never happen again! And then I left for vacation.

Fast forward a few weeks and it's time to go back to school down here in Georgia. Time to give that pudding another shot! I used mini-tupperwares so that I could bring the pudding back to school with me. I do think this was the most rich-chocolate pudding I have ever had- I also can't remember the last time I wanted to lick the blade from the food processor. I'm glad I was able to hold off. :-)


TWD: Black & White Banana Loaf

Thanks to Ashlee of A Year in the Kitchen for choosing this week's recipe!

I was so excited to give this recipe a run for its money- I really like both chocolate & bananas and was looking forward to this marriage! I was additionally excited because I had brand new mini-loaf pans that I received for my bridal shower last year and was dying to break them in (or at least I could have sworn I had these pans). Seriously, I tore through all of the remaining boxes that we hadn't unpacked looking for them. No luck. The sad thing is my husband has no recollection of seeing them in our other apartment. Basically, I've concluded that it's possible I'm losing my mind! What a random item to swear up and down that you own though. I suppose if indeed we do own them, I'll find them 2 days before we move again whenever that is.

Anyway..... I had a regular size loaf pan so that saved the day. Additionally exciting was getting to use this Cruzan dark rum which I picked up in the duty free store at the St. Thomas airport:
gratuitous reference to St. John:Ok, so back to the cake. Like many posters on the P's & Q's, I had runny batter. The chocolate batter was very thick- almost pudding-like so the marbling was a little interesting. After 30 minutes I tented the cake and let it continue baking and boy oh boy did this cake smell good! After an hour & half, all signs showed the cake was done & even the knife turned out clean: 

I was so excited to try it and was all set to have it with a nice cup of coffee for an afternoon snack. Then I saw the slice {insert price is right music after the contestant loses}:

Not sure what ended up happening, or how the cake ended up being only partially baked. It was such a disappointment considering how wonderful it smelled! I full intended to make the cake again to give it another shot but ran out of time.