TWD Rewind: Chocolate Pudding

Sorry for the late Tuesday post & for a short recap!

I originally made the chocolate pudding back in July with disastrous results for my 7 cup food processor. The very last step- where you pour all the liquid back into the processor for a final pulse killed it. Too much liquid & it poured out all over the machine. So I promptly purchased a 14 cup machine determined to let that never happen again! And then I left for vacation.

Fast forward a few weeks and it's time to go back to school down here in Georgia. Time to give that pudding another shot! I used mini-tupperwares so that I could bring the pudding back to school with me. I do think this was the most rich-chocolate pudding I have ever had- I also can't remember the last time I wanted to lick the blade from the food processor. I'm glad I was able to hold off. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
So glad you didn't lick the blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like the second try was a winner!! Good for you!!!

Mommy :)

Rebecca said...

Oh, that pudding is soooo rich and good. Way to go on giving it another try!

Jules Someone said...

Second time I tried it I was in love as well. Swoon!

Pamela said...

So glad that this time was more successful for you. Enjoy!

n.o.e said...

I get freaked by cleaning the blade - that thing is SHARP!!! Good thing you didn't like it. Although scraping the pudding off the blade with a scraper would be totally within bounds...
I made a rewind also. The pudding is high on my list for a future opportunity.
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