TWD: Buttery Jam Cookies

I am so grateful to have had a slight TWD break this month. December flewwwwww by! Now I'm slowly getting around to posting the recipes from my favorite month of the year. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!!

This recipe was Heather of Randomosity's choice and you can find the recipe on her blog! I made the buttery jam cookies using what was left over of my strawberry-rhubarb preserves (previously used in the slightly failed attempt at making rugelach). I also considered using a little less ground ginger because it is so potent! I decided to give in anyway with the whole 1/2 teaspoon to see how the cookies would turn out.

The cooking time was a little bit longer than Dorie suggested, probably because I had make the cookies larger than she said. Wow were they tasty!!!! Loved the combination of the ginger with the strawberry-rhubarb. This recipe was so easy to make, and so easy to clean up from. LOVE THAT!!!


Jacque said...

Oooh, I'll bet those were good! I love rhubarb anything... wish I'd have thought of it.

Joelen said...

Nice way to use strawberry rhubarb!